As of version 2.8 the reports will use a new layout that was developed to improve the usability and security of the most sensitive information, thus making it difficult to breach this information. We also offer the possibility of disregarding sources when generating the report, informing the corresponding field at the time of the search. To learn about the new layout, open a report and access the Help field. ATT.

This is the DOCxWEB system, whose purpose is to compare the content of documents with the content spread across the Web.
This tool can be used to verify the authenticity of documents such as monographs, articles, school work, etc.
To use the system effectively, you must first register and then log in. After the login, use the 'Search' option and paste the text you want to check and save the search. The system will then provide surveys recorded in the 'Search List' to enable tracking of the processing and results visualization.

The presented report exemplifies the search result: Sample Report

Before you start using the system, carefully read the terms of use: Terms of Use

If you need to contact us, please use the 'Contact Us' option in the menu and send us your message, question or suggestion.

Thank you!

Kind Regards, Team DOCxWEB

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